Friday, December 11, 2009

I told Nolan he could ask Santa for his two front teeth for xmas.

Nolan said, "But mom, everyone knows this look is cool."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nolan's latest venture is to own a Pizza Pizza when he grows up.

I will be on cash, Mallory will make the pizzas and put them in the box, and Chris will deliver them.

Nolan will be relaxing in his office while he thinks about important stuff.

Nolan, about actor Bob Hoskins, "That guy isn't handsome enough to be Super Mario."
Mallory: "Momma, what's one plus two?" Me: "Three." Mallory:"Wow, you're good."
Mallory: The builders did a good job building this earth.

Nolan: It wasn't builders. It was Mother Nature.

Me: Who told you that, Nolan?

Nolan: Nobody. It's just a good guess.

Mallory, in her sing-song pretending-to-be-the-mom voice: "Have fun at school, Darling! Now come and kiss your mother!"

LOL, that's what I say everyday.

Nolan: "Mom! I'm going out to play with Wario and WaLuigi! I'll be back soon!"